The New Black

By now everybody knows that if you’re wearing one colour this autumn/winter, it’s going to be pink: pink coats, pink shoes, pink skirts, pink bags – everything has been reinvented in shades of magenta, cameo, coral, candy and rose.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve never really ventured into the ‘dangerous’ pink zone due to my unforgiving complexion (some call it ‘English Rose’, I call it ‘just plain flushed’). However, deciding that this was the season for me to change all of this, I took to the internet in search of some inspiration; found in some rather unlikely places (or ones I hadn’t thought of anyhow…), I wanted to share some of my favourite looks, people and art that I found on my quest – enjoy!

Hope you loved the looks as much as I did :)

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A Teary Goodbye…

It’s that time of year again where we must say our farewells to the magical world of Fashion Week and face the reality that normal life will in fact go on sans news updates on all that goes on – and I don’t even go to the shows!!!

What makes the matter worse is of course Marc Jacobs’ official announcement that he is leaving Louis Vuitton; especially after seeing the masterpiece that he presented in Paris earlier today, which, I think it’s safe to say, blew everyone’s minds a world away!

vuitton ss 14 edieThe setting was perfect – a memory box of all the best bits of his past shows, seen through the black veil of a mourner: a plush navy and black chequered carpet and the two escalators reminisced of his SS 2013 show, whilst the fountain, carousel and looming escalators reminded us of the many crowd-pleasers Jacobs has provided throughout his 16-year residency at Vuitton. vuitton ss14 jeans

The whole image just oozed the undone, dangerous glamour of a Louis Vuitton girl, and boy, the clothes did not challenge it! models padded down (or rather around and about!) the catwalk in clothes decorated with glossy black feathers, suggestive lace details and delicate trims – the chicness of this woman cannot be questioned. And yet, despite all of this there was vuitton ss14 revolutiona distinct feeling of celebration, that even with the sombre palette Jacobs chose this season, he did find space to have fun, to challenge and (as ever) to teach and demonstrate what a woman should be! From Edie Campbell walking around naked bar some tactfully placed graffiti logos to a pair of jeans worn under a translucent slip, and don’t forget the gargantuan headdresses, there were plenty of signs that it was not the sombre last rites for a Vuitton era, but rather a celebration of the boundary-pushing journey Jacobs has taken the brand, not to mention the global success he has brought to the label.

We can but hope the successor will be just as brilliant!


Where does the time go?

And before you know it, Milan Fashion Week is over and Paris is just round the corner! Although the shortest of the four, MFW is absolutely filled to the brim with the most gorgeous collections. If I had written this post in any previous year, Dolce & Gobanna would have dominated it, and yet despite a dazzling show that was both intricate and still screamed ‘LOOK AT ME’, Fendi has managed to sneak in and steal the limelight!

fendi cara red layerOf all the designers, I always found Fendi perhaps a little annoying, a little over-the-top-but-not-in-a-good-way, sometimes juxtaposing things in just a slightly jarring way, sometimes just not working for me. I am, however, happy to announce that I am a complete convert as of this season. Lagerfeld really did pull it out of the bag and produced some of the most stunning clothes I have seen this season! Using intrinsic layering to create this whimsical effect whilst stillfendi geometry ss 2014 keeping the look structured and modern. The graphic prints and the laser, lace-like cutting showing just enough skin to keep us guessing gave the whole collection a more cultural, art-like spin; whilst the bright colours inject youth. Of course, fur must be included in any Fendi collection, but even this was done tastefully and subtly, in such a way that it seemed natural even!

Below is a video of the short film that Lagerfeld shot earlier in the year featuring one Cara Delevingne, showing off her acting skills (or lack of – you decide!) and the Fall/Winter collection for this year – see what you think…

What was your favourite collection at Milan? Let me know below :)






Art Deco

gucci ss 2014When I got home from school yesterday to the glorious sight of the Gucci SS 2014 show, my biggest joy was actually the fact that it has given me the perfect excuse to write this particular post about the wonderful world of Art Deco (one that’s been knocking about my head ever since ‘The Great Gatsby’ was seen!)

Frida Giannini has had a penchant for the fabulous Art Deco era for quite a while, with some sort of reference in many of her recent erté art deco girlcollections. And yet despite this repetition, it never seems old! She has an amazing talent for reinventing the theme, giving it a new flare and modernity that few can achieve. Her latest collection is said to be influenced by the great Erté – whose illustrations basically define Art Nouveau and the fashion surrounding it. Personally, her collection highlights the fieriness of these pictures, giving it a darker, broody, sexy edge with the splits in the skirts and the translucent, teasing lingerie peaking beneath loose dresses and blouses.

Of course, this collection may seem a world away from the comparatively prim, albeit decadent, costumes seen in Baz Luhrman’s ‘The Great Gatsby’. Miuccia Prada (who was enlisted to create the costumes) clearly has a very different take on the era, and yet it is, (in my opinion), equally as stunning and beautiful as that of Giannini’s. It’s impossible to deem one better, or more accurate than the other, it’s actually refreshing, inspiring, even, to see such different ideas about the same time perioddaisy great gatsby. It illustrates the fact that no matter how much you think you know,there will always be something new to learn about cultures of the past; always something exciting to draw out from the archives; always a new way to reinvent and rejuvenate what may seem like an old, stale subject but is in fact both a source of inspiration and fascination to some of the most creative minds in the industry.

I’m simply waiting with bated breath for what the next season (and the rest of the season to come, for that matter!) will have to offer on the topic – who knows what masterpieces will be created!


Hidden Gems

Although London Fashion Week may display some of the lesser known brands, for me it almost holds more excitement than, say, New York Fashion Week. Okay, you can blame this on my actually being British, but you cannot deny that the amount and range of talent packed into this week is quite gob-smacking!

Take Ashish, for eAshish SS 2014xample, now, the only reason that most people have heard of him is that Marina Diamandis (offof Marina and the Diamonds) has a penchant for wearing his sequin-encrusted clothing. This season was no different in that respect, except he once again broke convention by clashing several different ends of the society spectrum: he had his models walk down the runway, grocery bags in hand, in coca-cola branded vests; he had models in trackies that had Arabic printed on it; to finish off the already jumbled up look he accessorized his models with big, chunky, tribe-like necklaces. Now there’s a mash-up of Britain if I ever saw David Koma SS 2014one!

Now, at the complete other end of this spectrum come those designers like JW Anderson, or David Koma, with their clean, almost clinical approach to the collections, focusing far more on form and structure of clothes, but equally beautiful. And if you look further you will find even more variety: the digital beauty of Preen, the class and sophistication of Emilia Wickstead or the plain craziness of Sophia Webster – all of them riveting and Burberry Prorsum SS 2014gorgeous in their own way.

Don’t get me wrong, I (as everyone else out there!) absolutely adore the collections by the Topshop Uniques, the Burberrys and the Paul Smiths out there – they are both brilliant and genius, but this season I’m getting a sneaky suspicion that those that aren’t quite as famous might be getting an opportunity to show off to the world – and I can’t wait!!!


It’s a wrap!

So, as NYFW draws to a close it is my duty (and great pleasure!) to present to you my personal highlights of the week. However, there being sooooo many shows that were a must see the best I can do is direct you to either or so you yourself can see all the marvellous art that has been displayed! nevertheless, I will give a rather brief runway report on my top 3 shows, just because I absolutely adored them and if you didn’t click on the above websites at least you won’t have missed out on everything!

Those of you who follow my instagram (@jajablog for those of you who don’t :P), may have seen my rather ecstatic post which I uploaded earlier shortly after seeing the Marchesa spring/summer 2014 collection. It was pretty heavenly. If you haven’t seen it yet – you won’t be disappointed; beautiful, ethereal creations float down the catwalk, demanding the attention of everyone in their vicinity. The sheer craftsmanship of the gowns is, quite frankly, astounding! And yet, amongst all this innocence and joy, you get this underlying feeling of something ever so slightly sexy, windswept and all together darker with the sheer fabrics and the almost tattered effect of the last gowns.

A rather different, although equally brilliant show was that of the ever-amazing Marc Jacobs. The designer having recently announced his departure from the brand (he’s being succeeded Luella Hartley and Katie Hiller), I did view the show with a weird sense of nostalgia almost. For me, there were elements of everything that is classic Marc Jacobs: star prints, pyjama suits, the slip-over-the-t-shirt, as well as the clear referencing of the stand out eras in fashion (this time taking inspiration form both the nineties and the sixties it seems). There also seemed an almost melancholy feel to some of his collection, the cheerleader-esque dress with the licking flames being perhaps the best example.

Again, a stark contrast to both of the above shows was that of my final runway-mini-report – Calvin Klein. As ever, Francisco Costa produced the elegant, sharp, clean structures that the house is famous for, whilst simultaneously reinventing it ever so slightly. Models walked down in off-white and black (those classic CK colours), and yet the designer managed to keep it fresh with raw seems, injections of coral and mint green, and, of course, the much raved about fringing.

So, after this symbolic farewell to NYFW what else is left to say but BRING ON LFW!!!!

Let me know your highlights of the season so far below!


The Future is Here

New York Fashion Week is only on its fourth day and already a clear trend is standing out from a great many shows. Futurism, or rather, simply the future; be that of fashion, beauty, technology – everyone had something to say: Rag & Bone sent their models down the runway in futuristic infused sport-luxe wear, featuring elongated cricket stripes and clear-cut box skirts; BCBG Max Azria focused more on thought-provoking cuts and shapes, as well as futuristic prints; even Altuzarra brought an essence of futurism into the collection, with metallic skirts and that poncho!

Many others shared this theme of inspiration, yet the show which perhaps resonated the most was Prabal Gurung. Having his models start encased in a simple transparent corridor of plastic, before they took a simple turn of the catwalk before returning like mannequins in a display, he seemed to be sending a message about the darker, more frightening aspect of the future: preservation of youth and beauty, and more importantly, the fear of ever letting it out of its concealment. If the set wasn’t enough to go by his clothes clearly reflected this idea: the classic fifties shirt-dress reinvented in new metallics, shapes and prints; the outfits encased by a translucent coat, as if trying to shield and protect it and yet still show it off.

Here’s a summary of the show so you can see for yourself, and more importantly interpret for yourself what Prabal Gurung is trying to say:

(Just to be clear – the show did not have the soundtrack you hear on this video!)

Do let me know what you thought of it! X